tips traffic

If the supposition is made, the content or the content of a website is the King, and a website traffic is the Queen. Traffic is key to the success of a publisher or a publisher. At first it's easy to mnarik to our website or blog.

You can put your URL address on a Forum or create a signature in the email. The instinctive people will soon be moved to a visit to your website. So early, you may soon get the traffic. But after some time, your traffic will be reduced slowly or decreasing. The main reason people are lazy to visit the boring. So the expertise necessary to change the visitors into your visitor will remain about the success you.

So what tricks so that we can get visitors to stay?

1. Unique, creative and informative: Develop creativity with content or writing articles that special and unique, and contains useful information. Meet the desire and expectations of visitors with the information be along the back.

2. Menulislah routine: With fresh writing and articles on a regular basis, visitors will endure and will come back often. Kalu you need to make any posts beseri so interesting to return visitors.

3. Lightweight design a Website: Do not meet with your image, graphics and music over the image and graphics to create a website loading time to be long. Visitors will go when you have to wait too long loading. Remember, most of the visitors are still using dial-up in berinternet. So hargailah bandwidth your visitors.

4. The Limit: Do not meet your website with the sentence and said that's too long, rambling and repetitive. Make the text compact, concise and informative and do not forget to consider the words of a keyword (keywords). A website with 300 words per tulian is quite adequate. Make any posts in order to attract visitors who wish to subscribe via RSS feeds.

5. Link (Link) Relevant to: Provide a link (link) with another page or website that are relevant to the content of any posts you, which aims to add or strengthen the content of any posts you.

6. Promote RSS Feed: Biasakan provide RSS feeds so that visitors to the full when they can ridak visit your site, they can still enjoy any posts you through their feed reader