Two tickets to a festival

You've heard the festival, which often happens fraud? fraud is a festival ticket. Usually the perpetrators of fraudulent use of tickets is not applicable to the resale There's even a fraud on behalf of an institution festival ticket sales. You must be more vigilant and careful with all this. Because so many incidents like that. And in the end they repent of their deeds. I once had an experience of the festival ticket scam.

I once bought a ticket to someone I do not know, and he sold tickets in because of the money he needs to eat. At the time I got two tickets of the festival, which leeds festival 2010 tickets and a ticket back as 2010 reading festival tickets. Each of these tickets are the tickets to attend a forthcoming V Festival. I feel the sale of tickets by the person who had was a fraud. Because I went into the festival is not allowed, festival officials guarding the entrance to the festival's ticket said that I had brought a fake ticket and is not valid. And in the end I was sorry, then I buy another ticket to get into the festival's room.