Beginning Ideas for Web Design

Have you been wondering how hard it would be to make a website? As more people use the internet for their shopping needs it becomes more lucrative to build a website. If you have been considering these very facts you probably already know there are tons of sites offering "free" website builds. These sites often come loaded with sponsored advertisements for which you will not receive a penny and a limited number of templates. Your best bet, if at all possible, is to either hire the site build or make a website yourself.

Getting Started

Before you begin, seeking out the latest software programs, domain names and hosting providers you need to determine what your site will be about. The most successful websites will be those that address a common problem, after all people hit the internet looking for answers to a myriad of questions. If you can tap into just one major area of need, you can be successful beyond your wildest dreams.

Simple Design

Once you have found your area of need, or niche, you are ready to begin deciding on your website design. At this point, you may be tempted to create a complex website full of graphics but this is not the best use of your resources. Successful websites are:

Easy to navigate
Loads quickly
High quality


The actual design phase requires the use of software to make a website. Which program you use will depend a great deal on your experience and budget. One of the best programs for beginners, who want to build a website, is Adobe Dreamweaver. While this program is not free, it does offer simple to use drag and drop function, which means just about anyone can build a site. Other software options include Microsoft Front Page, Wordpress and even Notepad; it just depends on how much you know.

You should understand that a drag and drop type of program will only go so far and eventually you will need to educate yourself on basic HTML. Should you begin to experience problems with the way a webpage displays you will need to understand the language it is written in, HTML. This will give you the ability to quickly troubleshoot your site and make adjustments on the fly.

Domain Names and Hosting

Whether you purchase your domain name and webhosting before you design the site or after is not a big deal, but you do want to take some time with the process. Think about your chosen niche, what simple keywords or phrase could you incorporate into the domain name? This will forever be the address of your website, so choose well. Also, consider the reliability of your chosen hosting company, online reviews are a good source of information.

As you can see, it is not difficult to make a website, as long as you know where to start and what is important.

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