The Future of Web Design

Web designing has undergone dramatic changes during the last few years owing to the evolution of technology and fast changing user preferences. Web designers who have not updated themselves with the latest changes face the risk of their skills growing obsolete. The fact is that in order to survive in the web design industry, a designer needs to keep himself tuned with the current trends. Knowing what to expect in the future will help you be prepared for it.


When HTML 4 was introduced, it brought a lot of positive changes in terms of design convenience as developers were allowed to use specialised fonts while creating text. HTML 5 brings the promise of a better tomorrow with advanced features like canvas elements, API, Geo elements location, audio and video tagging as well as rag and Drop functions. In fact, a recent IT survey has proved that nearly 45% of web users have already begun using HTML 5 compatible browsers.


Web based Graphic library is a recent technological feat, which is yet unknown to many web developers. WebGL is actually an extension of the graphics library that transforms the JavaScript into a super enhanced programmable language, which has the capacity to generate high level graphics. These graphics allow the end user to experience an interactive session if the web browser is compatible to the GPU of the card. For a more detailed understanding of WebGL, check out Chrome Experiments.


For years, CSS3 has been an important tool connected to website layout, web design presentation and font styling. Traditionally, CSS3 has been criticised for having a lot of limitations in terms of editing font styles and creating customised text boxes. The new version of CSS3 has brought a slew of advanced features and font customisation solutions to the table. Some of the new features include animations, box transformations, transitions and shadows.

The uncertain future of Flash

Adobe flash has been considered one of the biggest tools for web designers for quite some time now. However, recent prediction in the web designing world says that the popularity of Flash is set for a major decline. Still other technology experts argue that Flash will probably continue to exist with altered modalities. Whatever Adobe does to resolve this issue, web designers specialising in Flash need to upgrade their skills fast.