Key Points to Consider in Choosing Web Design and Development Company

You had been brainstorming about your plan to build a web site. An e-commerce site, you have completed your feasibility study about the business and fully convinced to sell basic commodities as your products for your local market. At first, you had thought of building it by yourself because it seems to be a minor work to do. Made your feasibility study by yourself, you are confident that you can do this one, to design and develop your web site. But as days passed by, you have come to realized that it is not that easy at all. In those moment of realization, you suddenly felt a little bit pressured because you had scheduled to have done the site for at least a month. But unfortunately for you, a couple of weeks had passed by and it seems that all you had done is nothing. You decided to outsource the work because someone told you that it is cheaper to do so.

Most of the entrepreneurs had experienced these situation when they first started their business online. There are lot of web design and development companies that would offer you the same services. Most of them will claim that they are one of the best. But for you, as a beginner in this virtual world of Internet. You cannot decide which is which because you don't know what are the key points you should be looking for in a company that would be classified as a trusted and reliable. Well, I might not be able to detail all in this article the key points that you'll be looking into a company, but at least, I will be giving you the most important points that a good company should have. Here they are;

Look for the company's experience

Probably the most important one to look at. Good company had enough experience to handle properly the projects that they received from their clients. Some of the manifestations are the existing testimonials of satisfied clients and samples of accomplished works.

Competitive Rate

After knowing that the company have enough experience to handle your project, be sure to consider the company's service rates if it fits your budget. But don't you worry, outsourced projects are definitely cheaper because some outsourcing companies are from Asia, which has a low minimum wage than USA or other countries yet same quality results. I would suggest that you negotiate as much as possible regarding the service rates.


Be sure that the your prospected company have enough staff to handle the workload of your project. Building an e-commerce site from design up to optimization requires a lot of staff. Be sure that they will give you a daily report about the daily tasks.

Customer Mentality

Observe how they communicate with you. They must explain to you, in simple term all the details of the project, most importantly the terms of billing. Notice also the way they treat customers. Good customer service is a sign of a good and reliable company. Customers should be their number one priority when it comes to business. You can also tell if a company has a certain degree of professionalism if they treat you well.

Range of Solutions

Last, but not the least, pick a company that offers you a total and complete solution to all your needs as far as web site is concern. This will definitely help to cut your expenses since you would be dealing only to one company, thus, you have the benefit of having certain discounts.

About the Author
Glenn Evan Comanda, SEO Specialist