Press Release as a Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

Press release is a news statement created for a company, person, event or product. It seeks to show to a particular editor or reporter the newsworthiness of a subject. Some press releases are created by a PR firm for other company while most of them are made by a company itself who wants to promote something. Press release has been used as a marketing tool for a long time. We frequently read various reports about a company that offers new services or products or an actress promoting her new line of beauty products. These are all press releases. Press release had been a great help to businesses today.

One benefit of creating a top-notch press release is credibility. An article initiated by publicity efforts is viewed as the product of the reporter who wrote it - an objective, third-party observer whose positive comments about your business will carry great weight. Press release is not annoying to read, unlike traditional advertising that most people are very sick of. The major advantage of a press release over the traditional advertising is the cost. Advertising space costs money, but the press release is almost free. The best way of learning to write a top-notch press release is simply to read top-notch press release. In this way, you can gather the essential points in making a good one.

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