Web Site Design and Development Company Versus a Freelancer

If you are planning to have your own website, you might have thought of hiring a freelancer to do the project, mainly because of a much cheaper rate. Perhaps hiring a legitimate company can cost you extra bucks, but doing so can save you in the long run. There are many reasons why majority of the freelanced works lack quality. One would say that freelancer just can't organize his work properly because he has the luxury of time. To tell you the truth, it is actually true and there's a lot more reason not to pick a freelancer to work on your projects.

Freelancer's working schedules are not fixed and unmanaged, therefore, the reporting of the status of the project might be jeopardized, unlike to a dedicated company where staffs are managed well by a superior. Freelancers seldom use a high speed Internet connection and most of the time has no back up system due primarily to the lack of enough capitalization. Due to these reasons, most of the projects done by a freelancer fail in the long run and lacked the quality that is expected by a client.

Glenn Evan Comanda, SEO Specialist